The Barkery Taste Testers 

BeauJangles (BlackLab / BorderCollie Mix)

Beau ran into my life (litterly) in May 2015 - He was a lost dog and I was fortunate to find him.  He is A DOG WITH A PURPOSE and the most FREE-THINKING DOG I've ever met!  He makes us laugh everyday, and I'm so very blessed and grateful to have him.  

PS - No worries folks - I was able to find the original owner and return the dog, however he realized later that he was unable to keep the dog and contacted me and brought the dog back! I am grateful to him everyday, for making that call and bringing him back into my life!  


Starting this business was the perfect recipe! I'm reminded of that daily by my fur-babies ie: Barkery Taste Testers. They, along with their neighborhood friends, have enjoyed and thrived on home-baked treats since 2001 and we're so very excited to make what was an annual holiday dog treat tradition for the neighborhood pooches available 365 days a year to all beloved canines!

Sadie (Husky / German Shepherd)

Sadie joined the family when she was 7 weeks old in June of 2001. She was a very, very sick pup and her prognosis didn't look good. With good veterinary care and lots of love, today she thrives. She is very shy and a cautious dog with a big bark. She loves to run (off leash, of course) and leaps like a deer. She is definitely a Miss Priss, she hates to be dirty, she prances when she walks, she takes treats very daintily and is very picky when it comes to food. However, she is very well mannered and very loving. If I bake a treat and Sadie doesn't eat it, it's back to product development!

Sadie's favorite - Pumpkin.

Sadie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Thanksgiving Day Nov. 25, 2015. She lives forever in my heart and I smile at her memories everyday! Thank you Lord for sharing her with me for 14 1/2 wonderful tailwaggin years. I Woof U Sadie. 

Abbie (Husky / Labrador Retriever)

Abbie joined the family when she was 9 weeks old in November of 2001. She learned much from her older sister Sadie (all of 5 months older), especially mastering the art of the "bark". I'll never forget her face the first time she heard Sadie barking. It was almost to say "whoa - what's up with that?" That is where the similarities end however, for she can't run and leap as far as her sister. Unfortunately, she has some issues with her joints and has arthritis developing, so she can't be the running companion that she so desires to be, but she will give it 110% if I don't slow her down. Additionally, Abbie will definitely eat just about anything, so watching her weight is always a concern; this led to developing low fat treats.

Abbie's favorite - "ALL" of them.

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