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The Company ~ The Owner ~ The Dream

"Woof Stop Barkery is located 30 miles North of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in Cranberry Township. The dream started during the 1st holiday season I shared with my dogs (the Barkery Taste Testers) in 2001, when I felt the need to do something 'special' for them since they brought so much fun and joy into my home and my life. So, to the kitchen I went, to bake them up some tasty treats... and I never stopped!"

Our homemade dog treats are baked right in my home kitchen, so when I say "From our home to your..." I mean every word! Since that 1st batch of treats in 2001, I have been researching 'healthy, quality ingredients' that dogs would enjoy and would be good for them; and after many Woofs ~Wags n Wiggles in January 2011, I decided it was time to offer them to dogs everywhere.

When developing our delicious dog treats, I select the finest ; locally produced 100% human grade, organic ingredients produced and manufactured from local farms in Pennsylvania that will benefit your dog's health. I have always been committed to providing my dogs with the best possible experiences and making the healthiest choices for them when it comes to nutrition. My experience working as a Dog Obedience Instructor and as an Assistant Veterinary Technician has provided the opportunity to understanding that a healthy diet is just as important for our pets, as it is for us. It is up to us to make good decisions for our dogs. We all want our dogs to be around forever, and I do everything I can to provide my dogs with a enjoyable quality of life. We owe it to our dogs to teach them right from wrong and reward them with good things I have pledged the following to my dogs, it is my wish that all pet owner do the same.

A Contract:

I have chosen to share my life with you, a member of another species. I pledge to appreciate your uniqueness as a member of the canine family and to attempt to raise you and discipline you in terms of this uniqueness.

In return, I know that you will do your best to fit into my lifestyle if it is caninely possible, and will reciprocate my attention to you by letting me share your view of the universe.

I will be a better person for having this experience. I hope your life will be better for having lived with me.


There are 3 things I'm passionate about: MY DOGS - Healthy Food & Lifestyle - Healthy Environment, so I've structured Woof Stop Barkery around these principles.

I welcome your feedback and I'm interested in your requests for healthy treats using ingredients that YOUR dog loves.

Feel free to use the Feedback Form on the Contact Us page to submit your comments and requests.

Woofs, Wags n Wiggles,

Nancy Hans
Dog Lover, Owner, Baker, Creator

Woof Stop Barkery is fully licensed and registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and registered as a PA Preferred Partner. We follow Commercial Feed License Laws and have ALL of our products laboratory tested BEFORE we offer them to you!

Mission Statement Our Promise

Our mission is to provide the healthiest, homemade dog treats that dog's love; by using the highest quality human grade organic ingredients. Additionally, we are committed to educating dog owners on the importance of the nutritional quality, value and content of the food and treats they choose to feed their dogs.


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